BKMC is now taking custom orders. To purchase your custom you will begin by making two choices (felt type and color) and placing a deposit of $400. 

Once the deposit is received you can make an appointment to discuss your custom hat. This appointment can be in store (Rhinebeck, NY) or by video chat if you are not local.

Choosing which felt weight works best for you:

Dress Weight is lighter and usually used for classic styles like Fedoras or Homburgs, thus the name “Dress Weight”. It is deal for hats with a 3” brim or less.

Western Weight is a thicker body, usually used for western style hats.  If you are looking for a wide brimmed hat (brim over 3") that is flat and will stay at a 90 degree angle western weight is your best bet.

It is not a problem if you do not know exactly what size/shape/style you want your hat in. All of those details will be worked out at your fitting appointment.

Custom hats take 3 months to be completed in which the remaining balance of the hat will be due. Dress Weight hats in beaver start at $700. Western weight hats start at $800. Adding trims and other details such as (but not limited to) embroidery, bounded brims, and custom dyeing accrue additional costs.

Customs come with a roan leather sweatband, silk lining, & a hat box.

Any further questions about the process can be answered by Shopify chat or email at