My Story


My name is Dana Estelle.  I am the designer and hat maker behind BKMC. I am originally from the Hudson Valley located two hours north of New York City.  I have been residing in Brooklyn for over a decade and making hats for 8 years. My work is heavily influenced by the Hudson Valley region but also a life long love of using fashion as a form of self expression.

I use materials of the highest quality to create head wear that can be passed down from generation to generation.  My belief is that we need to slow down fashion consumption.  I aim to create pieces for peoples wardrobes that are functional and made of quality.

The materials I use are first sourced locally with quality being the number one priority.  Other materials are sourced by suppliers who produce only the best across the United States.  In true transparency my beaver and rabbit felts are sourced from Tennessee.  Many of my trims are sourced from the garment district and most my feathers are foraged from the land in Upstate, NY.

My hats and head wear are made using traditional millinery techniques.  Every hat is hand blocked and fully created in my studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Each element of the hat is carefully crafted, either machine or hand sewed and NEVER glued.  Hats take a tremendous amount of time and care and my hope is that you can see and feel it with every piece.