What is my head size? & other FAQ




Head Circumference    
21 1/4 54 6 3/4 S
21 5/8 55 6 7/8 S
22 56 7 M
22 1/8 57 7 1/8 M
22 7/8 58 7 1/4 L
23 1/4 59 7 3/8 L
23 5/8 60 7 1/2 XL
24   61 7 5/8 XL
24 3/8 62 7 3/4 XXL
24 3/4 63 7 7/8 XXL
25 1/4 64 8   XXL
25 5/8 65 8 1/8 XXXL


Frequently asked Questions

Beaver Fur Felt vs Rabbit Fur Felt:

I source most of my felts from Winchester Hat Company in Tennessee. Winchester is one of the best fur processing companies in the world. They take the fur pelts, and turn them into what we call “bodies”, which are ready for blocking into hats. They are graded at Winchester for quality and material.

Beaver fur felts I use are 100% beaver fur. They are made from the under fur of beavers that are trapped in the wild.  Their fur properties create superior hats that can withstand time & weather.  Since Beavers live a large part of their lives in water, they have much higher oil content, thus making their furs more “luxurious”, water resistant, and soft to the touch.

Rabbit fur felts are made from 100% rabbit fur and are very durable.  It will hold its shape in the rain well, though not quite as well as beaver. The rabbit felt is slightly thicker than the beaver felt, and has less shine to the finished hat. 


Western weight felt vs Dress weight felt:

This has to do with the weight of the felt body that will be molded into a hat.

Dress Weight is lighter and usually used for classic styles like Fedoras or Homburgs, thus the name “Dress Weight”.

Western Weight is a thicker body, usually used for western style hats.  If you are looking for a wide brimmed hat (brim over 3") that is flat and will stay at a 90 degree angle western weight is your best bet.